What We Believe

We believe... 

 God loves us all, showing no partiality, through the sacrificing love of Jesus Christ.


 We trust in the undeserved grace of God.  

 God speaks to all people through His Holy Word
     Jesus, the Word made flesh; 
     the Word made alive in our speaking guided by the Holy Spirit; 
     the Word written in the Bible and inspired by the Holy Spirit
God calls and gathers us to be the body of Christ in the world today.
This gathering, the Church, is God's gift to us and to the world.
We believe... 

That the first purpose of the Church is to announce the peaceful reign of God in Christ Jesus,
and to share God's Holy Word and Sacraments with all people of every nation and race.
That God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed,
Luther's Small Catechism, and the Lutheran Confessions are trustworthy summaries
of the Christian faith.
That the Lutheran church is one part of the catholic (universal or Christian) Church,
and that we have a unique calling to help unite and renew the wider Church.
Our Values are...
Loving one another as Jesus loves us


Living the Gospel (the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection) in our words

and in our deeds


Praying in our daily lives, including prayers for the unity and mission of our congregation


Reaching spirit led decisions by consensus through discernment in listening, patience

and prayer


Speaking out for justice and reaching out with mercy and generosity to all,

especially those who are hurting or lost


Providing hospitality - welcoming the stranger and one another as if we were

welcoming Christ Himself


Fulfilling our life's purpose by using our God-given gifts with integrity, humility and joy


Modeling the Christian life for one another, particularly the children around us


Learning Biblical and theological wisdom and habits of faith


Supporting one another in faith by cherishing Christian fellowship and fun


Sharing God's gifts within our congregation


Our Purpose is...


…to call, gather, nurture people of all ages for the callings in daily life
   for which we have been gifted; 
...to build up the Christian home, the primary place of faith formation;
...to worship God in Spirit and in truth;
...and to invite the world into the household of faith through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


July 25, 2024

How a little
means a lot

Easy ways to get started:

  • Fold and staple the worship folders
  • Set up the Fireside Room for after-church fellowship. Make the coffee
  • Take on some of the responsibilities of the Altar Guild; i.e. change paraments, prepare communion, clean up after communion
  • Count and deposit the weekly offering
  • Update the church website and help people find us
  • Prepare the worship leaders schedule, about every 10-12 weeks
  • Be in the know - become an editor for The Buzz
  • Have you ever thought "why don't they..." - Run for church council in January and donate your ideas
  • Anything else where you feel your talents could be put to good use



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