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Our Churchthrives because of the energy of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:


Congregational President  

Alan Leonard   (714) 991-0192        cista-alan@att.net


Vice President 

Allan Walker    (714) 323-6541      acwbart@aol.com


Mark Lowry    (714) 538-6265   mlowry@capoc.org

Congregational Treasurer 

Cista Leonard   (714) 991-0192        cista-alan@att.net


Allan Walker    (714) 323-6541      acwbart@aol.com


Council members at large

Noah Matsumoto        noahmatsps3@gmail.com 

Grace McDonald(714) 639-1727  gracemcdonald2946@att.net

October 21, 2019

How a little
means a lot

Easy ways to get started:

  • Fold and staple the worship folders
  • Set up the Fireside Room for after-church fellowship. Make the coffee
  • Take on some of the responsibilities of the Altar Guild; i.e. change paraments, prepare communion, clean up after communion
  • Count and deposit the weekly offering
  • Update the church website and help people find us
  • Prepare the worship leaders schedule, about every 10-12 weeks
  • Be in the know - become an editor for The Buzz
  • Have you ever thought "why don't they..." - Run for church council in January and donate your ideas
  • Anything else where you feel your talents could be put to good use



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